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Yaskawa introduces Sigma SD spindle drive

The Drives & Motion Division of Yaskawa America, Inc. has introduced the Sigma SD line of spindle drive systems. The new product was created to bring a notable increase in precision and productivity to automated machining equipment.

Sigma SD draws upon the technical advances of Yaskawa’s Sigma Series servo systems to meet the specialized demands of high volume machine tool manufacturers.

The SD product uses Sigma technology to give a spindle drive with precise speed control, plus the ability to move between speed settings very rapidly, says the company. This capability enables an SD system to create more finished components per hour without sacrificing the quality and uniformity of the finished component.

Sigma SD also delivers the specific performance features automated machining centers need, including high-speed output in a system custom configured to provide the high RPM ratings unique to machine tool applications and a high bandwidth drive to increase amplifier response at high speeds and overcome rapid changes in spindle inertia.

It also has Analog or EtherCAT interface for easy integration with the control networks of existing machining systems
and a full regen power converter conserves power to cut energy bills, minimize heat and reduce the size of control cabinets.

The new line was built on decades of Yaskawa motion control expertise in all types of advanced manufacturing applications, from traditional machining and shape cutting to the latest forms of advanced 3D printing and beyond.