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Vecna Robotics partners with RightHand Robotics to ‘streamline’ intralogistics and material handling

Vecna Robotics, a maker of mobile robots for logistics, and RightHand Robotics, a developer of robotic picking solutions, have agreed on a collaboration that they say will improve the performance of e-commerce order fulfillment.

Together, the companies say they can offer “best-in-class solutions” to simplify intralogistics and material handling challenges.

John Hayes, vice president of sales and marketing of Vecna Robotics, says: “We’re excited to have this robust and cost-effective solution become available to all Vecna Robotics and RightHand Robotics customers through this collaboration. 

“RightHand has best-in-class piece-picking technology, while Vecna Robotics has best-in-class autonomous mobility.

“Both companies have a shared vision of using their expertise and cutting-edge technology to provide end-to-end, dynamic material handling and logistics solutions that can grow and evolve with business needs.”

Vecna Robotics offers a wide range of intelligent, collaborative mobile robots and fully-autonomous, zero-infrastructure AGVs designed specifically for safe and flexible material flows in dynamic, human-centric environments.

Robot payload capacities range from 20kg on the “low-cost” RC20 conveyor robot to 4500kg on the RT4500 robotic tugger.

This smart fleet works together seamlessly through central orchestration by the “core task manager”, which takes upstream work orders and assigns tasks to robots and humans as appropriate to robustly and efficiently fulfill orders.

Leif Jentoft, co-founder of RightHand Robotics, says: “Vecna Robotics has a broad and proven range of mobile robotic solutions.

“Combined with our ability to deliver the 3Rs of robotic piece-picking – range of products, rate, and reliability – with our RightPick.AI software, we believe there are many retailers who will benefit from this holistic approach.”

righthand robotics system 1
An example of a RightHand Robotics picking system which uses a Universal Robots arm

RightPick is a combined hardware and software solution that handles the key task of picking individual items for e-commerce order fulfillment.

With RightPick, RightHand Robotics says businesses “can reduce costs and improve reliability” of the fulfillment process for pharmaceuticals, electronics, grocery, apparel, and countless other industries.

RightHand Robotics says that, unlike traditional factory robots, RightPick handles thousands of different items using a machine learning backend coupled with an intelligent gripper that works in concert with industry-leading robotic arms.

Vecna Robotics and RightHand Robotics are currently showcasing each other’s technologies at the Modex Show in Atlanta, GA April 9-12.

Vecna Robotics will exhibit at booth B4987 and RightHand Robotics will be at booth B4087.