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Omron Automation to showcase of automotive manufacturing solutions at WCX 2018

Omron Automation, a global leader in technology solutions with a social focus, will demo its wide-ranging innovations in robotics, sensing, control, safety, vision and more at the SAE World Congress Experience (WCX) this coming April.

The automotive-focused event is the ideal place for Omron to showcase the engineering breakthroughs that have made it a globally trusted partner in mobility and factory automation.

Thanks to its highly flexible robotics, data connectivity and vision portfolio, Omron is the industry leader when it comes to building the automotive factory of the future. 

One of the company’s key demos at WCX 2018 – which will take place at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan – will feature the FH vision system, a solution for high-speed inspection across a variety of automotive and electronic applications.

Also, the LD Mobile Robot (main picture) exhibit will show how self-navigating autonomous intelligent vehicle (AIV) can adapt to a wide variety of applications and payloads while saving manufacturers time and money and enabling truly flexibly manufacturing and workflows.

To address traceability, serialization, and regulatory challenges in the automotive industry, Omron will present its latest laser marking technology for putting fine characters on three-dimensional surfaces.

Laser marking is now one of the preferred methods for adding direct part marks (DPMs) to work-in-progress parts due to its high resolution and exceptional durability.

WCX visitors can scan their badges at the Omron booth (#10021) to watch laser marking in action and get a personalized ping pong ball to take home.

Learning is a cornerstone of WCX, and Omron will be sharing its expertise in future-oriented technology at the event’s Technical Sessions.

Starting at 8:30am, safety product engineer Tina Hull will present a case study on how safety design will adapt to new technologies and generational changes.

Mike Chen, the director of Omron’s Automation Center, will lead a 10:00am panel discussion titled “Manufacturing for the Next”. The session code is IDM304 and the location will be Room 312A.

This opportunity is a must for anyone seeking to learn more about the future of vehicle safety and automotive manufacturing, as well as those who are eager to keep up with the creators of Forpheus, which Omron claims to be the world’s first artificial intelligence-equipped robot tutor that helps people improve their ping pong skills.