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Siemens uses additive manufacturing to produce gas turbines

Siemens says that additive manufacturing has the potential to become a new key technology, opening up new attractive prospects in the manufacture of gas turbines. The company has been investing in this technology right from its inception, and is now driving the industrialization and commercialization of these processes.

Additive manufacturing is a process that builds parts layer-by-layer from sliced CAD models to form solid objects, which enables highly precise solutions to be formed from powdered high-performance materials.

Siemens is a pioneer in additive manufacturing and already uses the technology for rapid prototyping. The company is now developing solutions ready for series-production for manufacturing gas turbine burner nozzles and repairing burner heads.

Just recently Siemens achieved another breakthrough: the first gas turbine blades ever to be produced using additive manufacturing have successfully finished performance testing under full-load conditions.