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Denso to integrate two metal parts subsidiaries

On July 1, 2018, Denso Corporation will integrate the management of two Denso Group companies: Denso Preas and Denso Kiko, both of which manufacture metal press-worked parts.

With the advancement of the electrification of automobiles and automated driving, Denso says it will become even more necessary to develop the press-worked parts required for new technologies and to begin local production in overseas regions where the market is expected to grow.

To develop more competitive press-worked parts, Denso reached the conclusion that the aforementioned companies of the Denso Group, each of which has excellent manufacturing assets, must be integrated to form a core press working company while further strengthening collaboration with Denso.

The integrated company will enhance mass production technologies and manufacturing capabilities through closer collaboration with respective sections of Denso and make a contribution to realizing an environmentally friendly, safe, and comfortable mobility through press-worked parts that support electrified systems and automated driving systems.