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Hannover Messe

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Since was launched a couple of years ago, we’ve learned a lot. 

One of the things we’ve learned is that there are many interesting trade shows around the world related to the industries we cover.

The technologies within robotics and automation are present in just about every industry and business sector on Earth, so our content could be highly diverse, but we tend to concentrate on manufacturing and logistics, although not exclusively – we do take a look at other areas part of the time. 

But staying with manufacturing and logistics for a moment, we find that there are many trade shows in different parts of the world which are very large and have an international audience – and are exciting to attend.

We visited Hannover Messe and CeMAT last year and we intend to visit those events again this year, and many more.

Budgets permitting, we would also like to visit EPHJ in Switzerland, Industrial Transformation in Singapore, Logisware and Robotex in Malaysia, Automatica in Germany, Manufacturing Technology Show in the Philippines, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles and International Manufacturing Technology World – both in the US.

There are many more, a number of which are listed on our Events page, but those are the most interesting to us, partly because most of them have chosen Robotics and Automation News – along with our relaunched magazine, Sensor Readings – as an official media partner.

For us, partnering with such prestigious events is a sign of our progress as a source of information that we want to be interesting and useful to our readers.

Our audience has grown tremendously and, despite having to compete with much larger publishing companies, we are at the centre of events worldwide – both in terms of the trade shows mentioned above and, more importantly, with regard to the newsworthy developments in the industry.

We do our best to bring to our audience news and information about companies, technologies, markets and anything else that is relevant to their work and business.

And, working together with our readers and partners, we hope to continue to provide the best coverage we can of the robotics and automation industry, perhaps branching out beyond manufacturing and logistics into new areas such as computer networks and artificial intelligence, which are becoming increasingly critical to all industrial operations today.