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ABB cobots and software on show at Pack Expo East

ABB will feature robotic and motion technologies such as the YuMi collaborative robot and the ABB IRB 460 palletizing robot for packaging and warehouse distribution applications at Pack Expo East 2018, April 16-18 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, USA.

For food & beverage, an ABB demo will feature an IRB 360 FlexPicker® with PickMaster™ software and an IRB 910SC SCARA robot working together to pick and place apples from a randomized infeed flow.

Both the FlexPicker and the SCARA robots feature Soft Robotics grippers, a technology that can manipulate items of varying size, shape and weight with a single device.

For flexible robotic palletizing, ABB will show palletizing cells, available in an array of flexible and versatile configurations. The cells are delivered ready-to-interface with existing product and pallet conveyors, with all major components mounted on a common base.

New software from ABB makes programming robotic palletizing systems easier than before. Operators use the robot FlexPendant HMI to select parameters such as package sizes, pallet size, placement patterns and number of layers.

The system then creates a complete palletizing program. Important parameters such as pick-place time, and robot acceleration and speed can be fine-tuned during production to optimize the process.

The ABB demo will feature the ABB IRB 460, the fastest palletizing robot in its class, designed to meet the high throughput requirements of end-of-line applications.

ABB will show the YuMi Collaborative Robot suitable for packaging applications such as kitting of multiple components into packages, component assembly and packing of fragile materials.

YuMi can operate in very close collaboration with humans due to its safe design and human-like dimensions and movements, and is very easy to program.

At the booth YuMi will operate a single serving coffee machine, placing cups and coffee capsules into the machine, pressing the brew button and presenting fresh coffee to booth visitors.