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Cyberdyne and Brooks set up Medical HAL joint venture

Cyberdyne, Inc. and Brooks Rehabilitation, one of the busiest rehabilitation hospital groups in the U.S., have established a joint venture company, Cyberdyne & Brooks, Inc. (C&B), to promote Medical HAL in the US.

Cyberdyne has invested two-thirds and Brooks a third in the new firm. C&B has opened a Brooks Cybernic Treatment Center (BCTC) in Florida and begun its sales operation to spread Medical HAL – HAL for medical use lower limb type – to all parts of the U.S.

The innovative treatment with Medical HAL was developed as the result of utilizing Cybernic technology. It improves the quality of lives of patients through improvement of body function, reduces the burden of care through promotion of patients’ independence and diminishes the social cost as a whole.

Cyberdyne obtained marketing clearance from the U.S. FDA for Medical HAL as a medical device in December, 2017., for spinal chord injury patients. Medical HAL is a gait training device intended to improve walking and gives a significant improvement compared with traditional methods.

Brooks operates one of the nation’s largest inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in the U.S. with 32 outpatient rehabilitation clinics that serve more than 30,000 patients per year and a clinical research centre for rehabilitation of stroke, spinal cord injury and other diseases.

C&B will develop its BCTCs in Florida and other states to deliver treatment service with Medical HAL. Furthermore, in BCTCs, C&B will accumulate knowledge and experience on various matters such as additional clinical data and application examples on coverage with private insurance.

C&B will also make use of Brooks’ medical professionals, and its connections with various organizations and personnel in the US medical world, to disseminate Medical HAL to hospitals in all areas of the U.S.