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AMS extends digital multispectral sensor offer

AMS, a leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor solutions, has launched the AS7265X, an 18-channel multispectral sensor solution, opening the door to a wide range of new spectral sensing applications.

The 18-channel 3-chip calibrated visible through near-infrared chipset is ideal for emerging spectral sensing applications such as horticulture, fluid quality/spectral component analysis and complex spectral identification, including anti-counterfeiting and authentication.

“This cost effective product family will have a tremendous impact on the industry, creating broad opportunities for sub-$100 spectral sensing instruments,” said Tom Griffiths, Senior Marketing Manager at ams.

The AS7265x multispectral sensor family is the first multichip set from ams to incorporate nano-optical interference filters deposited directly on the CMOS silicon die cost-effectively enough to open entirely new application opportunities.

This interference filter technology delivers extremely precise and reproduceable filter characteristics, which are stable over both time and temperature and are much smaller than the typical component solutions needed for higher channel count spectral analysis instruments.

Operating as a 3-chip set, the devices include electronic shutter capabilities with 3 independent 100mA LED drive controls, which means that device designers can accurately control multiple light sources to enhance the spectral sensing functions without added componentry.

The small size of the new AS7265x chipset sensors combined with their low power consumption enable measurement equipment OEMs to develop new product types that take advantage of these unique attributes.