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SCM to demonstrate robotic integration for woodworking

SCM, a supplier and integrator of industrial machinery and components, is to showcase technologies for robotic integration into woodworking. 

The company currently provides a wide range of production technologies for furniture and housing sectors, supplying industrial giants and small workshops.

But while machinery has been used in woodworking for a very long time, robotics in the sector is relatively new. 

The seminar SCM is planning will feature presentations and interactive demonstrations showing how robots can be used in woodworking.

Using real-world case studies and scenarios, SCM says it will show some of the techniques companies use to streamline processes.

The showcase will include the fundamentals of collaborative and industrial robotic integration, as well as safety considerations.

It will also cover collaborative robots, industrial robotics, woodworking robotic applications, finishing robotic applications, safety risk assessments and return on investment.

Technical demonstrations will include end-effectors and vacuum applications, vision technology, Maestro Smartech remote support, robot loading/unloading CNCs, interactive robot programming station and mobile robot demos.