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Fanuc launches new robot simulation software RoboGuide

Industrial robot gigantico Fanuc has launched an offline robot simulation program called RoboGuide

The company says RoboGuide is a robot simulator that simulates both the robot’s motion and application commands, significantly reducing the time it takes to create new motion setups.

To ensure minimal impact on production, cells can be designed, tested and modified entirely offline. 

To save 3D modelling time, part models can be imported from a PC as CAD data. The robot simulation software’s extensive library also allows users to select and modify parts and dimensions as required.

Designed to be intuitive and extremely easy to use, Fanuc claims RoboGuide requires “very little, if any, training”.

fanuc roboguide 1 small

The software is also available with dedicated tools for specific applications.

Some of the things Fanuc says that RoboGuide can enable users to do include the following:

  • Evaluate cells and cycle times
  • Pre-programming, which is said to save time
  • Import CAD files
  • Built-in CAD models
  • Workcell Wizard and Browser
  • Set up and test complex systems

Fanuc says its RoboGuide family of simulation software packages provide the ability to create, program and simulate a robotic workcell in 3D, without the need or expense of physical prototypes.

By utilizing virtual robots, workcell models and offline programming, RoboGuide reduces risk by enabling visualization of single and multi-robot layouts prior to system installation.

“True robot operation” is provided using virtual robot controllers, which contain a real copy of the software that runs on your Fanuc robot.

The integrated virtual teach pendant looks and operates just like a real teach pendant, says Fanuc.

Accurate cycle time reporting is essential when optimizing a workcell.

RoboGuide’s cycle time profiler provides cycle time at the program, routine and motion instruction level.

Fanuc Robotics offers many application-specific plug-ins for RoboGuide including:

  • WeldPro;
  • HandlingPro;
  • PalletPro;
  • PickPro;
  • PaintPro; and
  • MotionPro.

These plug-ins offer additional process-specific capabilities.