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Trescon’s World AI Show to make its debut in Dubai

Dubai is set to host the first edition of World AI Show in the wake of the “Smart Dubai Government” initiative.

World AI Show organised by a global business events company Trescon, is gearing up for the launch of the first leg of the series in the happiest city on the planet, before moving on to Singapore, Mumbai, and Paris.

The city of Dubai is sticking true to its name of being the fastest adopter of AI in the continent and hence, there is no other place that is more apt to host the first edition of the show which is taking place on 11-12 April 2018 at The Address Dubai Mall. 

UAE has already been ahead in the global AI race especially when it announced the appointment of a dedicated ministry for AI, and with Dubai Police implementing a fully functional robot police – all this while the rest of the world is trying to play catch-up with the princely state.

Dubai plays the incubation host to dozens of emerging AI startups and digital transformative technologies. The country’s market cap for AI is set to touch the $50 billion mark by 2025.

Neighbouring countries of Saudi Arabia and Qatar have also developed a keenness for AI and has seen a 50 per cent increase in development over the last five years.

The governing factor behind the World AI Show series is to bring the global thought leaders for AI under one roof, and discuss everything under the sun regarding the development and wide-scale implementation of AI across key verticals.

The world of artificial intelligence is growing in size and momentum at such an economical pace that the concept of ethical concerns and costing is often ignored.

Financial allocation and national development remain bigger challenges for certain nations.

With the cost of AI seeming ineffective for developing and third world nations, innovators and entities are on a fast-track to develop and create more cost-effective products for these nations.

The show is set to form a precedent for the future, which is the inevitable foray of AI into every sector by 2030.

The usage of this technology has already found its way into the healthcare, automotive and defence sectors across the world, to name a few.

Dubai is also home to what is said to be the first “humanoid police droid” that strolls through the streets offering immediate assistance to its citizens and the 10 million guests the country hosts annually.

Nikhil Jain, co-founder of AI-based virtual identity creator “ObEN” has said: “The show is a much-needed platform as it is addressing the technology of the future, today.

“We need a detailed understanding of what constitutes an AI and the people need to know that too, for our businesses to thrive.”

The show is also being attended by notable industry leaders, such as Dr Sohail Munir, who serves as an advisor for Emerging Technologies and Digital Transformation in the “Smart Dubai Government” initiative.

Dr Sohail added: “Dubai is one of the fastest evolving cities in the world when it comes to futuristic technologies like AI and Machine Learning. The government has extended their hand and full support for the immediate and strategic development of AI within the country.”

Some of the other notable delegates and speakers attending the event are:

  • Hans Christensen, director for Dtec, UAE;
  • Dr Bernd Van Linder, CEO of the Commerical Bank of Dubai, UAE;
  • Sally Eaves, speaker and researcher of the Forbes Technology Council, UK;
  • Fahad Al Gergawi, CEO of the Dubai Investment Development Agency; and
  • many others.

Mohammed Saleem, CEO of Trescon, said that the show was a requirement in the untapped market, which was seeing systematic growth in particular sectors alone.

He added: “We are conducting this show on a global scale because we saw a visible absence of platforms that discuss futuristic technology and their possible business opportunities.

“The advent of AI started with automation and is no longer a pipe dream! How can a business of tomorrow thrive unless we speak about it and address all of its concerns, today.”

The World AI Show will also feature a product showcase at a dedicated exhibition venue to display the latest innovations in AI and secure the required assistance to propel their business forward.

Sponsors of the show include ObEn, SparkCoginition, Bankorus, Effect Network, Perpetuuiti, Nouveau Labs, Prosper Systems, eAutomaton, Chironx, Centre Systems, and association with Women AI Experts, and the Artificial Intelligence Society of Hong Kong.

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