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Bonin Ventures Wilkinson Baking BreadBot

BreadBot bakes bread from flour and water ‘before your very eyes’

A new bakery robot can make bread from dough “before your very eyes”, according to its builders.

“Automation just got fresher with a new farm to table experience,” says the Wilkinson Baking Company, maker of the “BreadBot”.

The bread bot “creates fresh bread right in front of your eyes”, the company says, adding: “You have to smell it to believe it.” 

BreadBot is a “mini bakery unto itself”, says the company, and is going to bring a local bakery feel to retailers everywhere.

It will also reduce carbon footprint, eliminate preservatives and cut down waste, and generally save the world, says the company.

The Wilkinson Baking Company worked with Bonin Bough, Bonin Ventures to produce the BreadBot.

This “smart” bread robot uses multi-facial recognition to customize its bread offerings, providing real-time insights into consumer behaviors with its big data and analytics capabilities, says the company.

BreadBot is said to be “fully automated” and is capable of producing 10 loaves an hour, and has a footprint of 120″ x 53″.

Wilkinson claims the machine is “the best thing since fresh bread”.

BreadBot was showcased at the recent SXSW event where it fed “hungry visitors”, says the company.