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New ABB motor-starting solution introduces tool-free, push-in wiring

ABB is launching the industry’s first range of motor-starting solutions with a push-in spring technology that makes fault-free wiring easier. The innovative tool-free connection concept speeds up wiring work and provides a vibration-resistant connection that makes continuous operation more reliable.

ABB’s intuitive 2-in-1 design combines the advantages of both Push-in and Spring technology in a single terminal.

In Push-in mode, rigid cables or cables with ferrules can be connected tool-free. The operator just pushes them into the cable holes, cutting wiring time by up to 50 percent in comparison to a conventional spring solution and making installation easier.

The self-tightening terminals help eliminate wiring errors and mean there is no need for routine re-tightening work.

Spring mode makes it simpler to insert small cross-section cables or cables without ferrules, and also makes unwiring the motor starters significantly faster.

The operator simply inserts a screwdriver into the clearly marked holes before inserting the cable. This one-step process makes ABB’s solution easier to use and less prone to damage than conventional spring mechanisms.

The solution’s clearly marked terminals, an intuitive cable insertion concept and zero torque connections mean that no special training is required. With easy front access and 90° insertion angles for cables and screwdrivers, automated robot assembly is also possible.

Massimiliano Cifalitti, global product group manager for ABB’s Motor Starting and Safety business, said: “This is a smart way for OEMs, panel builders and machine builders to speed up their installation work and improve reliability.

“The secure, vibration-resistant connection provided by ABB’s new range also means there is no need to retighten connection cables during the product’s lifetime.”