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Infographic: On the way to a world of self-driving cars

By Kate Riley,

Though many of us might have heard about self-driving cars, the idea has mostly been restricted to daydreams and books and some movies.

However, all this is supposed to break into reality within the next few years, possibly months.

The entire world is waiting with bated breath as Google and others to put the finishing touches on their much talked about self-driving cars.

It certainly is a technological marvel and there are quite a few interesting technologies involved.

For example, self-driving cars have some of the best GPRS and navigation systems. This helps a lot in navigating the vehicles through tough and difficult terrain without running the risk of accidents and other mishaps.

They also come with some of the most advanced anti-collision devices which ensures that even when moving through heavy traffic, the vehicles would be in a position to come to a grinding halt or give way to other vehicles if it is travelling at a specified speed.

More of the technologies are listed below in the infographic.