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funamentals of motion control

Infographic: Fundamentals of motion control

Contributed by, which specialises in the production of electric motors, linear actuators, gearboxes for use in automation, solar energy, smart household appliances, robots, and more

The tremendously growing popularity of motion controlled devices has created some truly unique opportunities for young motion control enthusiasts.

So if you are passionate about creating machines and systems that automate mechanical tasks and get things done easier and faster, you could use some clarification on what motion control components are, how they work and how you can use them in creative ways to reduce human effort and increase efficiency.

The right motion control architecture is central to the efficacy of your project. To achieve precision motor control, a number of critical factors need to be considered, such as choosing the right motion control components and their right placement. 

The amplifier, also called the drive, is responsible for taking commands from the controller to generate the necessary drive and move the motor.

The motor is the part that actually turns electrical energy into mechanical energy, in turn producing the required torque to perform the desired movement.

From the ball screws and bearings to the sensors and actuators, every single component must be carefully chosen and implemented to achieve the best performance.

Once you’ve figured that out, there’s an arsenal of other motion control components to implement effectively.

There are mechanical parts that perform the desired action, position sensors and feedback devices that sense the motor position and communicate the resultant action to the motion controller.

The following infographic will help you get a clear and insightful understanding of the fundamentals of a motion control system, and give you a well-rounded understanding of motion control components.

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