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e-Xstream engineering launches ‘revolutionary’ material modeling platform

e-Xstream engineering, a company which specialises in the multi-scale modeling of composite materials and structures, has demonstrated its Digimat material modeling platform.

The company unveiled the Digimat 2018 software for the first time at the recent JEC World 2018.

e-Xstream says it utilizes its 15 years of industry experience and expertise to develop and launch Digimat 2018, at Hexagon Manufacturing’s stand. 

The company says it offers automotive and aerospace manufacturers advanced levels of efficiency, combined with a highly intuitive platform.

Users can now benefit from a faster, more robust system with access to additional molding manufacturing data and extended additive manufacturing material, process and part performance capabilities.

Dr Roger Assaker, chief material strategist of MSC Software and CEO of e-Xstream engineering, says: “Digimat 2018 provides CAE engineers, materials scientists and specialists in manufacturing with a comprehensive, reliable solution that speeds up the development process for composite materials and structures.

“This market-leading platform plays an integral part in the concept-to-production workflow.”

Hexagon, which acquired e-Xstream engineering’s parent company MSC Software in 2017, will use JEC World 2018 to showcase the production of a surf kite from initial concept to manufacture.

Visitors will be guided through the product’s development and will witness Digimat 2018 in action at two crucial points in the process: the material design phase, when the software is used to accurately determine the material most suitable and cost-effective for this application; and, further into the process, when a 3D printed model will be generated to validate the chosen design.

Dr Assaker says: “This comprehensive demonstration will highlight how the different products in Hexagon’s portfolio fit together to create a more productive, higher quality manufacturing process.

He adds that the company is working to help customers “fully understand how this platform can be used to design and manufacture innovative composite materials and parts quickly and efficiently, saving users time and money”.