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Toshiba launches new robot in Chinese market

Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd.  has launched sales of its new THE400, a THL series SCARA robot, for the Chinese market.

The THE400 model is a high-rigidity SCARA robot which is said to feature the high responsiveness and high tracking accuracy needed in 3C (Computers, Consumer Electronics, and Communication) industries.

The THE400 model uses an all-new mechanical system design and control functions to provide accurate movement tracking combined with high-speed operation and high payload capacity, says the company. The cycle time reaches 0.3 sec (for 2 kg payload) for enabling operations, which is 19% faster than the previous model.

The Axis-1 and Axis-2 motors have a larger capacity that enables a maximum payload of 5 kg with an allowable moment of inertia of 0.06 (kgm2) for supporting operations with large workpiece and hand sizes.

Robot options include a model with ergonomic antidust cap and bellows and a tool flange to attach a mounting hand. Additional options planned for future release include a ceiling-mounted model, a simple cleanroom model, and a model with IP specifications.

Controller option functions include PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, CC-Link, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET, and more for providing flexible Fieldbus support for a wide range of operating environments.

Executive director Masafumi Ito, in charge of the Southeast Asia region, explains, “Toshiba Machine’s industrial robots incorporate our proven technology and experience as a general machinery manufacturer for providing trusted products with excellent cost performance and high quality for meeting the product automation needs of our valued customers.”

Toshiba Machine is leveraging its quick product supply and extensive support system for delivering product automation solutions using industrial robots.

For more than 30 years, Toshiba Machine has provided industrial robots in a wide range of variations being used by numerous customers around the world. The THL series of SCARA robots has a top reputation among customers in the 3C industries in China, and these models are currently widely utilized in various manufacturing venues.