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sensor readings march 2018

New issue of ‘Sensor Readings’ magazine out now

The new issue of Sensor Readings magazine from Robotics and Automation News is out.

It’s out a few days early because our production editor is too efficient.

It’s still in “beta” mode, if we can call it that, which means it’s still available free to all.

We may put a price on it in the future, and offer subscriptions, but existing subscribers to the will always be able to access it free.

Not only that, existing subscribers will also enjoy a price freeze for the next few years, even if we double the prices.

So, if you paid $10 for a monthly subscription or $100 for a yearly subscription, you will probably always pay the same amount, however high we raise the prices.

So, please support us by subscribing now and take advantage of the price freeze before we start charging what most people say would be reasonable prices – not the reasonably low prices we charge now.

And thanks to all existing subscribers for your support. We won’t forget you.