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Boston Dynamics terrifies the internet again with robots that can open doors like the dinosaurs did in Jurassic Park

Boston Dynamics, maker of the most terrifying robots in the world, has again brought the internet to a standstill with a demonstration video of how its robots can open doors for each other. (See video below.)

The company’s new video is reminiscent of scenes in the film Jurassic Park, where agile, fast-moving velociraptor dinosaurs chase a group of humans through a science lab, opening doors as they hunt the humans.

The Boston Dynamics robots were not shown to be going after any humans but the implications are obvious. 

Decide for yourself before running to the hills.

Below is the new video of Boston Dynamics’ “canine” robots opening doors.

And if that wasn’t scary enough for you, check out this other Boston Dynamics one – a humanoid called “Petman”, which is “just as ghastly as the others”, according to one commenter on Twitter.

Some people have called on Boston Dynamics to stop making robots so we can all get some sleep without having to suffer the nightmares brought on by these machines, but the company has yet to respond.