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Leybold to present vacuum portfolio at Anuga FoodTec

Leybold will present its vacuum technologies for the food processing and packaging industry at the trade fair Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, from the 20th to the 23rd March 2018.

The company says its solutions are used worldwide.

In a wide variety of applications, the pumps, systems and measuring devices of this long-established company make a significant contribution to sustainable and competitive products and processes in the food and beverage industry, adds the company. 

Vacuum pump help to accelerate packaging processes

At one of Italy’s largest producers of meat products near Parma, the installation of a Leybold system has reduced packaging time by around 20 percent.

In addition to high vacuum performance, the meat product specialist attaches particular importance to an energy-efficient production process with low service and maintenance costs.

The system based on the DryVac dry screw pump has been running reliably and without interruption for years, so that the customer was able to devote himself to the core tasks.

Global supply chains require more durability in shelf life

Efficient, hygienic food processing under vacuum is also becoming increasingly important for other reasons: In the age of global supply chains, the demands on shelf life are increasing. In view of this trend, customized vacuum solutions are essential for the economic efficiency of companies.

For decades, Leybold has been manufacturing the technologies for the quality control of packaging.

For example, leak tightness is increasingly tested under vacuum because only leak detectors such as the Phoenix series meet the highest testing standards. Mass spectrometers used in food analysis also make use of the performance of modern, noise-reduced pumps such as the EcoDry plus.

Vacuum improves in-house logistics

For the delivery of raw materials in processing and packaging plants, vacuum is required to handle internal conveying processes.

These systems assist in sorting and facilitate the removal of specific risk materials and slaughterhouse by-products for prevention purposes. In this way, the hygienic standards can be effectively ensured.

For these applications, too, the system solutions must be energy-efficient, easy to maintain and space-saving.

The Vacube central vacuum system meets these requirements by providing a demand-oriented vacuum for the application process through special speed adjustments.

In addition, the Leybold products comply with all guidelines for plant and occupational safety.

Innovative processes in food processing

Vacuum baking offers advantages for plant manufacturers, producers, bakeries and consumers alike: Customers can enjoy fresh bakery products with optimum qualities in appearance and presentation almost around the clock; significant savings are possible in sales and production.

Energy consumption and logistics costs are also reduced, supported by the optimized efficiency of the pumps used in these applications, such as the SogeVac or DryVac.

Depending on the design of the plant, process savings of up to 50 percent can be achieved also due to shortest cooling times, significant reductions in storing space, resulting in a clear advantage on food safety.

Benefits for all parties involved

All in all, Leybold’s modern vacuum technology opens up an increase in quality and productivity – vacuum pumps such as the Clawac offer special product properties especially in the rough vacuum range.

The extremely robust design of these pumps allows them to be used in demanding applications; process gases contaminated with dust and vapors can also be handled. Innovative vacuum technology exploits the potential for improvement in terms of production, infrastructure, staffing, logistics costs and energy consumption.

Variable combination options, such as the oil-sealed Sogevac and RuVac pumps with the modern oil-free, dry-compressing DryVac pumps offer proven reliability.

Appropriate technical concepts that guarantee optimized process stability round off Leybold’s product range.

Visitors to the Anuga FoodTec will receive further information on the use of vacuum technology in all applications at the Cologne trade fair from 20th to 23rd March 2018 at Leybold in Hall 7.1, Stand C021.