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Hollar deploys inVia Robotics mobile robots for warehouse operations

Hollar has deployed inVia Robotics Picker robots and cloud-based Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) management system to streamline e-commerce fulfillment in its Los Angeles warehouse.

Hollar needed a cost-effective, collaborative mobile robotics platform to automate the goods-to-person fulfillment process. It will initially deploy 100 inVia Picker robots and scale as needed to address seasonal shopping and company growth.

The inVia Picker works collaboratively alongside Hollar’s human operators to pick and move items, automating the storage and retrieval process and minimizing operator risk exposure.

InVia offers a subscription-based model that allows companies of any size to implement robotic automation without the hefty price tag, the company claims. InVia’s RaaS platform integrates with any existing layout and software. As a part of inVia’s discovery process, which includes thousands of simulations conducted by the engineering team, Hollar is expected to increase order fulfillment over 300%.

“Warehouse automation is critical for e-commerce companies competing against behemoths like Amazon, but the overhead cost of purchasing a fleet of robots to streamline efficiency can be crippling,” said Lior Elazary, founder and CEO of inVia Robotics. “InVia’s innovative RaaS technology eliminates this challenge for our customers.”