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Pinpoint releases new manufacturing execution system and plant management software

Pinpoint Information Systems, a provider of manufacturing execution systems, has released the latest version of its software, named V5 MES and V5 Andon.

The company says the latest software represents “the most powerful version to date” of the Pinpoint MES, and includes website configurable paperless manufacturing with live product tracking, and real-time overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) reporting.

“More than a manufacturing execution system, Pinpoint V5 is a tool set that empowers all levels of a manufacturing facility to walk the talk,” said Rob MacMillan, president of Pinpoint Information Systems. 

“It enables our customers to develop a culture of accountability in their operations which is necessary for achieving the goal oriented philosophy that creates a reasonable expectation of success.”

Pinpoint V5 MES and V5 Andon solutions enable manufacturers to walk the talk every day and make world class quality and efficiency their new normal.


Pinpoint V5 can change the way manufacturers think about measuring the challenges of the assembly line.

Gone are the days of learning what happened yesterday based on manually collected, subjective feedback.

Monitor OEE, Goal, and Planned Actual for every workstation in real-time from the cloud.

Pinpoint V5 puts the power of the latest data analytics technology at your fingertips to manipulate your data, and to identify the trends that tell you what you need to know to truly manage the effectiveness of your manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing excellence is built on a robust, goal-oriented philosophy that creates a reasonable expectation of success and a toolset that empowers all levels of a manufacturing facility to “walk the talk”.

Pinpoint V5 makes committing to a culture of excellence practical. The company says users can set their goals, leverage real-time data to be accountable to those goals, make adjustments, measure the effectiveness of those decisions, “and make walking the talk a way of life”.

Pinpoint V5 is designed to positively change your relationship with your plant floor, says the company.

Historically, the plant floor has been managed by custom developed, stand-alone systems that operate as silos on the plant floor.

Pinpoint V5 takes the disciplines of advanced process control, Andon and efficiency reporting and integrates them into a single, user-configurable solution for plant floor management right out-of-the-box, says the company.