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Sharp Intellos robot protects US speedway venue

The Sharp Intellos Automated Unmanned Ground Vehicle (A-UGV) has been named as the ‘Official Security Robot of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS)’, providings an added layer of safety and security protection for the ‘highest capacity sports venue in the world’.

“Sharp Electronics’ outdoor security robot is ideally suited to help safeguard the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s expansive, fenced property”, states Cliff Quiroga, Vice President for Sharp Robotics Business Development.

The robot is a multi-terrain, mobile sensor, data-gathering robot that can capture video, audio, and environmental information, while providing a visible deterrent without the aid of a human driver, says the company.

It utilizes a navigation surveillance platform to patrol predefined routes, while keeping manpower safely protected from direct threats. The Sharp Intellos A-UGV can also act as a sentry, monitoring in a stationary position and has a semi-autonomous mode for incident response.

Included are standard information gathering tools, plus optional observation and sensor equipment configurable to meet the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s changing safety needs, says the company.