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Framos releases static dimensioner for intelligent package and storage optimization in logistics operations

Framos has released a “Static Dimensioner” which the company says provides intelligent package and storage optimization for logistics operations.

For warehouse logistics, the right master data and dimensions of both inbound and outbound goods are crucial to determine the perfect packaging for storage and shipment optimization.

The Framos Static Dimensioner is an autonomous static precision solution, capable of calculating accurate three-dimensional size and weight measurements for automated master data acquisition. 

The semi-automated Static Dimensioner provides newly developed intelligent features for storage and packing optimization; it supports customers in finding the right packaging and storage box to save packaging material, freight charges, and storage space in every industry.

The Framos Static Dimensioner, in vertical warehousing, for example, evaluates the perfect storage optimization of items in a specific container.


This device retains the dimensional and weight data of goods, independent of shape, material and texture.

In addition, it provides a packaging plan and a 3D reconstruction of the currently measured object.

The fast calculation of the standard version includes various scenarios, where the customer can set up the scenario type, including the maximum area available and the maximum weight.

Tolerances for wrapped goods can be added by the operator.

The Static Dimensioner, using intelligent software algorithms based on acquired measurements and imaging data, proposes different scenarios to the operator about how to pack a particular type of container based on the filling percentage.

Different colors are indicated for every dimension and layer; the operator can easily choose the optimal container, packing scenario, and store the items as proposed.

All data can be stored in the network, and it is possible to perform an automatic update of the storage data and warehouse placements, in addition to pictures, 3D views, and layouts.

Cristina Motta, line manager, logistic solutions at Framos, says: “Reducing the empty spaces in their consignments, the Static Dimensioner helps customers select the optimum loading equipment and exactly the right container size.

“In freight management, load planning can be improved by utilizing the collected master data. Optimizing freight costs – including automated invoice creation and re-billing – can significantly cut costs and boost revenues.

“The system is very easy to use; for example, the customer is able to do basic modifications like adding new container sizes, or scenarios on their own. These features keep maintenance costs low.”

Vertical warehouse customers of any industry benefit from a very reliable, precise, and fast object acquisition and storage, and shipment optimization.

This benefit is especially true for the automotive, manufacturing, retail and plain logistics industries.

The Framos Static Dimensioner, in the Food & Beverage industry, for example, can support the de-packaging of small goods in small numbers for individualized packaging and shipment to supermarkets.

It supports seamless inbound/outbound goods logistics processes, and is especially useful for companies with a high portfolio turnover, but without an in-house conveyor unit.

The compact and portable workstation transfers data in real time straight to warehousing, ERP, and shipment systems for seamless post-processing.

The Framos Static Dimensioner comes complete with intuitive 3D software; it is very easy to use and captures the weight and dimensions of items contact-free, for any shape and surface type in a single step.

Combined volume and weight measurements along with direct acquisition are transferred to linked warehouse management systems.

This feature provides customers with the capability to optimize their warehouse in real time, complete with goods sorting and effective storage space calculation.

The Framos Static Dimensioner provides an accuracy of +/- 5 mm measurement resolution.

A stand-alone power supply developed by Framos is available to power this maintenance-free measuring system.

The resident industrial weighing system is suitable for items up to 50 kg.

The Framos Static Dimensioner can be supplied pre-calibrated, if necessary.

The device can be equipped with accessories like a barcode scanner for item identification; high-quality industrial cameras with up to 10 Megapixel resolution for image documentation; and, a portable battery for mobile use.

With further classification features, customized software, and available additional scenarios, several customers are currently using the Framos Static Dimensioner.

The Framos Static Dimensioner will be showcased at LogiMAT 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany, March 13th to March 15th, 2018. Framos will present all its logistics solutions in Hall 3, Booth A08.