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Acromag and Ctek partnership for remote asset management and cloud-based monitoring solutions

Acromag has announced a strategic partnership with California-based Ctek, Inc. to offer complete monitoring and control solutions for customers to manage their remote assets.

Combining Acromag’s broad offering of signal measurement and conditioning products with Ctek’s expertise in cellular communication and autonomous controllers provides a simple, yet powerful distributed control system without all the integration hassles, says Acromag.

Users can quickly and cost-effectively deploy these systems without programming to connect endpoints to the enterprise, enabling visual access to operation status from anywhere, claims the company. Menu-based configuration speeds setup of data collection, reporting, and alarm functions.

The integrated Acromag/Ctek system is suitable for remotely monitoring and controlling the operation of pumps, motors, tanks, meters, generators, batteries, valves, fans, heaters, and other industrial equipment.

Users can set up data displays, alarm rules, data logging and process control logic routines with point-and-click application development.

Controllers support wired serial, Ethernet, and 4G/LTE network communication plus a cloud-based application service for easy access to critical system status reporting.

Ctek SkyRouter controllers provide autonomous intelligence and sophisticated communication capabilities to manage operations and report performance data.

They operate as a Modbus master to read and write to slave I/O devices. Powerful processing capabilities include thresholds, math/boolean functions, triggers, data logging, and much more. Alarms support email and SMS messaging.

Acromag BusWorks remote I/O modules interface analog and discrete level sensors. The multi-channel I/O modules convert voltage and current signals representing temperature, level, flow, load, on/off, high/low, and other performance measures to Modbus values.

Rugged design, hazloc approvals, and isolated signal processing ensure high-accuracy, reliable performance in harsh locations, says the company.

“With this joint solution from Acromag and Ctek, customers can reliably monitor and control remote automation equipment without the hassles of PLC programming or IT networking issues,” stated Robert Greenfield, Acromag’s Business Development Manager.

“Now system developers can confidently pair Acromag I/O and Ctek controllers to rapidly implement SCADA solutions with cloud-based reporting that are affordably scalable for small and large sites,” said Bob Way, Ctek’s Business Development Manager.