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delta ASDA-A3 Series

Delta says its Asda-A3 servo drive is ‘perfect’ for robots

Delta says its Asda-A3 Series AC Servo Drive is designed for applications that require high-speed response, great accuracy and smooth motion.

Delta claims the drive’s built-in motion functions are “perfect” for machine-tools, electronics manufacturing, robots and packaging / printing / textiles machinery.

The company adds that the Asda-A3 benefits from absolute type encoder features that deliver outstanding performances with 3.1 kHz frequency response. 

This not only reduces settling time but also greatly increases productivity, with a 24-bit resolution.

It means 16,777,216 pulses / turn, which means 46,603 pulses for 1 degree. The notch filters for resonance and vibration suppression function facilitate a smooth operation of the machine.


The user-friendly software with graphic interface and auto-tuning function minimizes the commissioning time and simplifies the implementation process.

In addition, the compact design of Asda-A3 Series servo drive greatly reduces the mounting space for easier arrangement in control cabinet.

The ASDA-A3 also includes advanced motion control functions such as E-CAM (for flying shear and rotary cut are well configured), and 99 sophisticated PR control modes for flexible single axis movement.

Simple auto tuning procedures

The Asda-A3 provides a new vibration suppression function and easy-to-use editing Asda-Soft configuration software for users to quickly complete servo auto-tuning functions.

When mechanisms with high elasticity are applied such as a belt, the Asda-A3 can stabilize the machining process for users to setup their machines with less settling time.

The new servo drive includes auto notch filters for resonance suppression with a shorter time to search for resonance to prevent machine damage (5 sets of notch filters with tunable bandwidth and up to 5000 Hz band).

In addition, a system diagnosis function can calculate the rigidity of a machine via the viscous-friction coefficient and spring constant.

The diagnosis function provides a consistency test for equipment setup and offers wear condition data in different time spans to identify changes in machines or aged equipment, thus helping provide an ideal setup.

It also ensures Full-Closed Loop Control to achieve the positioning accuracy and eliminate the backlash effect. Designed for CanOpen and DMCNet, it features Built-in STO (Safe Torque Off) function (to be certified).

The motor power will be cut-off when STO is activated. Asda-A3 is 20 per cent smaller than A2 on dimensions, which means less installation space.

Asda-A3 drive supports a Variety of Servo Motors. It ensures a backward compatibility design for motor to meet future replacement.

Asda-A3 drive can support both A2 (ECMA) and A3 (ECM-A3) series motors.

ECM-A3 series servo motor, a high-precision permanent magnet AC servo motor, can be used with Asda-A3 AC servo drives of 200-230 V whose power is selectable from of 50 W to 750 W.

Motor frame sizes are 40 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm. Two motor models are available: ECM-A3H high inertia and ECM-A3L low inertia whose rated speed is 3000 rpm. Maximum speed is 6000 r/min.

The maximum torque of ECM-A3H is 0.557 N-m to 8.36 N.m and the one of ECN-A3L is 0.557 N-m to 7.17 N.m.

ECMC series servo motor is a high precision permanent magnet AC servo motor.

It can also be combined with Asda-A3 220 V series servo drive whose power range is 850 W to 3 kW. Available frame sizes are 100 mm, 130 mm, and 180 mm.

Selectable rated torque are 1000 rpm, 2000 rpm, and 3000 rpm while the maximum speed is 3000 rpm and 5000 rpm, with a maximum torque from 9.54 N-m to 57.3 N-m.

Connecting to Delta’s motion control cards and programmable automation controller MH1-S30D, Delta’s linear drive system can provide an ideal solution for multi-axis motion control applications in various automated industries.