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AR Systems develops new automation and control systems for indoor agriculture industry

Company says its new system provides comprehensive control for automated farms, one of the fastest growing segments in aritech

Automated Retailing Systems has unveiled its newest comprehensive control integration for the indoor agriculture market.

AR Systems also announced that it is the exclusive provider of automated control technologies to Grow Pod Solutions, a California-based developer of indoor container-based farms.

AR Systems provides the farming control software, its proprietary “bipolar ionization” system, fertigation scheduling, and full-time surveillance. 

The system is fully automated and allows operators to monitor the cultivation process from anywhere in the world.

Shannon Illingworth, chief innovation officer at AR Systems, says the company has “the most innovative and reliable automated farming control technologies in the world”.


Illingworth says: “Automated farming in portable shipping containers provides a practical solution to so many challenges.

“Our proprietary controls allows for the cultivation of a wide variety of plants, fruits and vegetables, virtually anywhere in the world.”

AR Systems also provides data and insight into the cultivation process.

Data does two things for a farm: it helps growers increase yields and drives down operational costs.

But even more importantly, data helps farmers drive up top-line revenue.

According to Agrilyst, data can help farms increase revenue by more than 20 per cent.

How? Insights drive better optimization, varietal selection, growth speed, irrigation adjustments, and more.

According to global market insights, indoor farming is a $14.8 billion per year industry, and that doesn’t count another $6.7 billion from the cannabis industry.

“This market is growing rapidly because it allows anyone to grow for profit or for humanitarian efforts,” says Illingworth. “AR Systems is proud to be a technology leader and provide the systems that form the backbone of this impressive industry.”