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Comau releases Android app for managing its robots

Comau has launched the latest version of a new app through which its industrial robots can be monitored and managed. 

The app runs on smartphones and tablets using the Android operating system, and is called PickApp (screenshot below).

Comau suggests smartphones and tablets could be a viable alternative to the traditional human-machine interfaces used in the industrial sector. 

The company says: “Smartphone and tablet are growing fast in both industry field and daily life and they are becoming the best human-machine interface.”

Comau says it has chosen to produce a pick and place app because it is “the most common application in general industry”.


comau pickapp
Comau PickApp 1.1 screenshot

The new version of PickApp 1.1 integrates support for the Cognex smart camera, which is a machine vision and barcode reading solution.

As is standard with most smartphones and tablets, wireless connection is also supported.