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Google Brain scientist launches company to bring AI to IIoT

A former Google Brain scientist has started a company which is developing artificial intelligence systems for the industrial internet of things networks, such as those in the manufacturing sector. 

Andrew Ng, who has previously worked for Google Brain and Baidu’s AI group, and also founded Coursera, is said to be working with Foxconn to develop and test his company’s ideas.

Foxconn is the contract manufacturer used by Apple to make its iPhones and iPads. 

Ng’s company is called

Reuters reports that Ng presented his company at a press conference. His company also demonstrated a visual inspection system for factories.

The system would use machine learning to understand the process better and help make improvements where possible.

Visual inspection systems could potentially replace human workers whose jobs involve checking for defects on parts coming off an assembly line.

Ng suggests could help human workers rather than replace them. “I would love to help displaced workers gain the skills they need to succeed,” Reuters quotes him as saying. has so far not accepted any outside investment.