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Omron to showcase Forpheus in company’s first appearance at CES

Omron will exhibit at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show for the first time.

Omron specialises in developing technologies in the categories of sensing, control, robotics and artificial intelligence, many examples of which will be on display at CES.

Much of Omron’s innovation will be present in the form of Forpheus, which the company claims is the world’s first AI-equipped robot table tennis tutor. (See video below.)

CES marks the first time Forpheus will appear in the US, highlighting Omron’s vision of achieving harmony between humans and machines.

Nigel Blakeway, president and CEO of Omron management center of America, says: “We’re excited to be exhibiting at CES for the first time in 2018.


Forpheus, which Omron says is the world’s first robot table tennis tutor
Forpheus, which Omron says is the world’s first robot table tennis tutor

“We have been a global leader in groundbreaking technology for decades, and we look forward to making US audiences more familiar with our work.”

Omron says it is addressing the challenges of a changing society through technological innovation, and will be showcasing it “rich heritage of creating technology that improves lives” at CES.

The company claims to have invented the world’s first automated cash dispenser, the automated traffic signal, facial recognition sensing and distance warning system for automobiles, and is the global market leader in home blood pressure monitoring technology.

Omron will feature a range of “innovative and groundbreaking technologies” at booth #25541 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which will play host to the US debut of Forpheus.

As the world’s first and only robotic table tennis tutor Forpheus embodies Omron’s vision of harmony between humans and machines, illustrating the ability of machines to help develop human potential.

Show attendees are invited to rally with Forpheus and witness core Omron technologies in action, including sensing, control, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

Prototype of Omron’s stand at CES
Model of Omron’s stand at CES

In addition to Forpheus, Omron’s CES booth will feature interactive demonstrations of Omron’s core technology “Sensing & Control + Think” as applied to groundbreaking factory automation, mobility, healthcare devices and sustainable energy solutions.

With Omron’s driver seat mobility demo, show attendees will see how advanced facial recognition, machine learning and AI can help prevent automobile accidents.

Blakeway, says: “CES is an excellent opportunity for us to highlight the exciting research and development we’re undertaking in the US and worldwide, and to connect with top talent and potential partners who want to be part of our effort to solve important social issues and achieve greater harmony through advanced technology.”