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How to maintain automation machine tools

By Joseph Zulick, MRO Electric 

Properly maintaining automation machine tools and machine parts – such as Control Techniques Unidrives (main picture) – is the only way to avoid issues from a performance and durability perspective.

Whether it’s an attachment, cleaning or routine check-up, keeping machinery tools up-to-date is imperative.

Monstrous losses could very well occur from a business and production standpoint if maintenance is not prioritized.

This is something no one wants to run into. 


Machine tools lubrication

Lubrication is one of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to any automation machines.

Generally, regularly inspecting lubrication levels is a great place to start. If you notice decreased lubrication levels throughout a period of time, be sure to schedule a weekly check-in and carefully monitor.

Regularly protecting machines’ motors, including oiling and greasing of their moving parts, cannot be avoided.

Sharpen key parts

When concerning machine tools that feature components engineered for cutting, slicing, or chopping, ensuring their parts maintain their sharpness is a must.

Consult with a specialist to determine if the machines’ parts are in proper condition, and also be sure that their parts are sharpened properly also.

Verify alignment specifications

Another strategy to maintain factory automation tools and parts – such as the Modicon Quantum CPU 140CPU43412A – is to ensure you’re aware of the appropriate verification of alignment specifications.

Product or component misalignment may be detrimental to a machine’s performance.

By performing a handful of test jobs to check the tools’ alignment, you’ll be able to adjust accordingly.

Examine the cleanliness

Ensure all machine tools are cleaned daily or weekly, depending on the user guides’ instructions.

Machines often collect a large amount of dirt and filth when operated, which may result in long-term issues if not tended to appropriately.

Understand correct power mode

By routinely inspecting the working mode of machines and setting them to the appropriate power mode, issues can be avoided such as overworking a machine or running a machine too slowly, which could cause debris.

Refer to the machine’s operating manual to understand appropriate power modes associated with specific machines.