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Kollmorgen equips S700 servo controllers with single-cable connection technology

Kollmorgen has equipped its S700 servo controllers with single-cable connection technology.

The company says the combination is “designed for sophisticated tasks” and now also includes slender single-cable connection technology.

Kollmorgen says the S700 combines multi-functionality with “maximum levels of freedom”, from programming to wiring. (See main picture.)

The company says the benefits of connecting drives using just one cable are obvious in machinery and plant construction.

They include:

  • faster installation;
  • space savings;
  • reduced inertia; and
  • lower costs… to name a few.


Kollmorgen says it has had “very positive experiences” with the AKD and AKD-N servo drives, and is now also equipping the talented all-rounder S700 with its pioneering single-cable connection technology.

The Kollmorgen servo controllers from the ServoStar series S700 are primarily designed to fulfill particularly complex drive tasks – with safety technology up to and including SIL3.

The devices can be programmed freely with macro support in IEC 61131-3 based language. The S700’s features also include cogging compensation for excellent radial run-out characteristics.

Kollmorgen is connecting the in-house developed digital resolver SFD or high-resolution Hiperface DSL encoder with one standard motor cable through the single-cable connection technology now available for the S700 controllers.

The result, says Kollmorgen, is a cost-efficient and slender installation solution which reduces costs while also helping to increase machine performance – starting from space gains to more speed when positioning, as less cable needs to be moved at the same time.