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Kepware launches new version of its industrial connectivity platform

Kepware has launched the new version of its industrial connectivity platform.

KepServerEX version 6.4 includes new data collection capabilities, improved data access, and seamless integration with both traditional and industrial internet of things systems, enabling users to easily manage and monitor their plant floor.

Kepware says the new MQTT client driver is a key component of the KepServerEX version 6.4 release. 

The inclusion of this new driver enables users to collect data from sensor networks and other devices that utilize MQTT – and make that data available to the industrial automation devices and applications they rely on to run their plants efficiently.

Jeff Bates, Kepware product manager, says: “Many KepServerEX users are now acquiring industrial data in their operational environments through new intelligent sensors and open-source or lightweight devices.


“The MQTT Client driver and KepServerEX seamlessly integrate data from these devices—enabling users to access new real-time data and provide a robust view of their plant floor operations.”

The MQTT Client driver included in KepServerEX version 6.4 offers users a commercially available “out-of-the-box MQTT to OPC UA translator”, says Kepware.

The driver uses “innovative parsing tools to enable users to create tags from popular devices that utilize MQTT”, says the company.

Kepware adds that, with this new driver, KepServerEX is able to securely subscribe to MQTT topics through any MQTT broker, receive updates as new device data is published, and make that data available over a variety of protocols.

Mike Fahrion, CTO and VP of IoT technologies at Advantech B+B SmartWorx, says: “The enhancements in KepServerEX version 6.4 are extremely valuable to any customer whose devices utilize the MQTT protocol, including customers of Wzzard Wireless Sensing Solutions.

“There are significant benefits to making IoT Sensor data available in traditional industrial automation applications, and that is now possible with KepServerEX.”

Along with the MQTT client driver, KepServerEX version 6.4 includes:

Siemens TCP/IP Ethernet driver read/write enhancements: Enables users of Siemens TCP/IP Ethernet drivers with Siemens S7-400 and S7-1500 controllers to perform read/writes more efficiently by configuring their Packet Data Unit size up to the maximum levels supported by the controller. Users can now easily monitor high-fidelity data with high tag counts and high data change rates.

Store and forward capabilities With the ThingWorx native interface: Enables users to reliably transmit data between KepServerEX and ThingWorx – even in the event of network instability. During communication disruptions between KepServerEX and ThingWorx, the store and forward service collects data that ThingWorx had been requesting. Upon reconnection, the stored data is automatically forwarded to ThingWorx.

CodeSys Ethernet driver tag browsing capabilities: Users of the CodeSys Ethernet driver now have the option to select and import only relevant tags into their KepServerEX projects. This enables users to more efficiently connect to and start streaming data from CodeSys devices.