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Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot, Atlas, does a backflip

Boston Dynamics terrifies humanity again with humanoid robot that can do backflips like an Olympic gymnast

As many people – including us – have said many times, Boston Dynamics makes the scariest robots in the world (see video below). 

Not only do they look terrifying, they move in such a realistic way that you wonder if the makers have done something horrible to achieve such life-like motion.

Like transplanting an actual human brain into the humanoids or a dog’s brain into the canines to achieve such expert movement skills. 

They really do move incredibly well.

Now, in the latest video released by the company, one of its humanoids – called Atlas – is seen doing a backflip better than most humans could, possibly better even than some gymnasts could.


Unbelievable – you have to see it to believe it.

Most readers have probably seen the video below on other media, but we couldn’t resist sharing it on our site as well – and it’s well worth another view.