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Nidec says it’s on target to become ‘number one’ in industrial motors and drive systems

Nidec Industrial Solutions claims it is on course to become number one in its market segment of industrial motors and drive systems, ahead of companies such as Siemens and General Electric.

In a statement, Nidec says: “As competitors like GE and Siemens announce major cuts and reorganizations of their industrial assets Nidec continues to invest in growth.”

The company further underlines its confidence with the comment: “The road to the top is never easy and if you are a relative newcomer to the industrial sector you have to contend with the force and reputation of some very strong, well-consolidated brands. 

“It helps if you start with reliable products, which is exactly what Nidec did when it began its expansion into the industrial sector.”

Nidec has been on a growth trajectory for some time, both organically and through acquisitions.


In 2010, Nidec purchased Emerson Electric’s motor group responsible for the US Motors brand motors for commercial and industrial applications.

In 2012 it purchased another historic brand, Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali, which operated on the US market as Ansaldo Ross Hill and then, for a brief period of time, as ASIRobicon.

In 2012 Nidec also added a smaller acquisition, Avtron Industrial Automation in Cleveland, laying the foundation for what is today the backbone of Nidec Industrial Solutions North America.

Moreover, Nidec Industrial Solutions says it is reinforcing the Cleveland location following the integration of the former Control Techniques facilities with the former Avtron facilities.

The company has plans to hire key figures in project management and operations and is ramping up its sales activities in battery energy storage.

Giovanni Barra, CEO of Nidec ASI with global responsibility for Nidec Industrial Solutions, says: “The North American market is strategic to our growth in the industrial sector.”

Commenting on the challenge of growing the business in the current environment, Barra says: “It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Undertakings of this nature never are.

“Aligning business strategies, transferring know-how from one region to another, integrating sales teams and best practices in project management are challenging enough, but add to the equation the rhythm of mergers and acquisitions that has characterized Nidec’s growth over the past few years and the task can seem daunting but our team is strong and our objective is clear.

“I am confident that we are on the right path for further growth.”

Nidec says continues to achieve “strong organic growth” year over year despite market turmoil in key sectors such as metals and oil and gas.

Part of its “recipe for success”, as Nidec calls it, has been a focus on renewable energy technologies like battery energy storage, where the company is currently one of the market leaders with 500 MWh of battery energy storage solutions installed but most of the growth comes from a strong focus on operational excellence and product innovation.

This month the company is presenting two new products to the US market – an ultra-high efficiency high voltage electric motor and a high-voltage, high-power variable speed drive specifically designed for the oil and gas market.

These products were developed with a focus on total cost of ownership and life cycle costs to help end users minimize operation and maintenance costs, including their electric bill.