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Bleum launches warehouse and logistics robotic system

A company called Bleum has unveiled its integrated warehouse robotics solution at the grand opening of its new showroom in Denver, Colorado. 

Bleum says that logistics robots are able to deliver cost savings of 70 per cent or more for warehouse operations, adding that the market is expected to grow to $22.4 billion by 2021.

The company says early adopters of logistics robots have found their “benefits extend beyond cost savings”, enabling greater agility to scale up and down operations to meet the ebbs and flows of demand, and significantly improve the speed and throughput of distribution centers. 

Top retailers like Amazon have employed warehouse automation robots to dramatically accelerate the speed of their service while simultaneously reducing operating costs significantly.

Bleum says it now brings this “pioneering technology to everyone else”.

Bleum says its combination of extensive warehouse management system product development experience and proficiency of warehouse operations has positioned the company to create a robotic solution that “dramatically improves the productivity of warehouse operations”.

Eric Rongley, chief executive officer, Bleum, says: “We are at the infancy of the robotics revolution and in supply chains.

“They will drive down costs while enabling companies to provide faster service that enhances customer satisfaction.

“The competitive advantage that robotic solutions like ours delivers will improve profitability of logistics operations by several orders of magnitude.

“The improvements to customer service and profitability are so substantial that every warehouse will need to employ them in order to remain competitive.”

Bleum’s logistics robotics system has recently completed operational testing and will soon be available to customers globally.

While manufacturing is initially being performed in China, Bleum plans to move manufacturing for North American and European customers back to the USA in 2018 in order to be closer to clients and their needs.