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Swarm Technology to be awarded second patent for IoT and robotics applications

Swarm Technology says the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a “notice of allowance” in connection with its patent application 14/340,332 relating to “intent-based automation” within the fields of internet of things, networking and robotics.

Alfonso Iniguez, the company’s founder and CEO, says: “We are thrilled to receive this Notice of Allowance from the USPTO.

“With respect to robotics, our technology enables adaptive collective behavior. We are currently developing swarm robots for autonomous landmine detection.

“Upon obtaining our first investor, we intend to integrate swarm intelligence into drones for use in autonomous oil and gas inspection.”

With respect to IoT applications, this strategically important patent involves intent-based plug-and-play edge processing, which is fundamental for scalable artificial intelligence.

Iniguez says: “Swarm’s Solidarity Cell Architecture provides seamless heterogeneous interoperability, which Darpa refers to as dispersed computing.”

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