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First NSK academy maintenance tutorial goes live

Following the launch earlier this year of the NSK academy online training platform, the first in a new series of maintenance tutorial modules has now been added to the site.

The tutorials show how to use the innovative range of maintenance and service tools offered as part of NSK’s AIP+ Added Value Programme.

Providing a guide to best-practice bearing care, the tutorial highlights how the optimised and profitable operation of machinery and equipment can be achieved. 

Each module includes a course, video and questionnaire, with trainees receiving a certificate upon successful completion.

The video tutorials for each module are produced to show in a clear and concise manner how these specially developed tools can help maximise machine performance and operating life.

The first AIP+ tool to feature is LAB-Set, the video tutorial for which is now live at

LAB-Set is a laser alignment tool for belts.

NSK says the product is unique in the sense that LAB-Set lasers mount in the actual pulley V-grooves where the belt runs, ensuring perfect alignment every time.

The video tutorial imparts information such as selecting the correct V-guide, setting up the line laser transmitters, the principal types of misalignment that can be corrected, and many other useful tips to achieve perfect alignment in seconds.

Further tutorial modules will follow in the coming months, including those for LAS-Set (laser alignment tool for shafts), induction heaters and bearing mounting/extraction tools.

With the continuous addition of content, the NSK academy is fast becoming the leading go-to resource for those looking to extend their technical knowledge and practical skills.