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Universal Robots puts on a show in Singapore for people interested in its technologies

The Singapore business unit of Universal Robots has put on what it called a “roadshow” for people interested in its collaborative robots and associated technologies.

Established a couple of years ago as Universal’s Asia-Pacific headquarters, the Singapore branch has been enthusiastic in its work in promoting the company’s machines to the local market.

The Universal Robots Ecosystem Roadshow was held a few days ago at the posh Fullerton Hotel in the city-state. 

Visitors were given the opportunity to explore an array of robotic automation tools, attachments, and accessories under one roof.

The roadshow provided first-hand experience on a wide range of robotic accessories and solutions, including:

  • 2D vision systems;
  • monitoring software;
  • force torque sensors;
  • adaptive grippers; and
  • pneumatic accessories.
Visitors at the Universal Robots Ecosystem Roadshow, in Singapore

Universal Robots claims it has created an ecosystem of “endless possibilities” with its plug and play accessories and its Universal Robots+, which is amarketplace for developers of hardware and software relating to the machines.

Partner companies who took part in the Universal Robots roadshow included:

  • Industrial Automation Technology Solution – a provider of an asset management system for robots which enables the user full assessments of their machine;
  • Microscan – a provider of barcode reading, machine vision, and verification technologies serving a wide range of automation and manufacturing applications;
  • On Robot – a supplier of “plug and produce” grippers that help manufacturers make the most of of collaborative robots;
  • OptoForce – a provider of sensors including ones which gives Universal Robots machines the sense of touch; and
  • SMC Pneumatics – which is claimed to be one of the world’s leading pneumatic automation products manufacturers.

Each of these companies had their own booths at the roadshow, showcasing their latest technologies in robotics.

Companies which partner with Universal Robots were also at the show

Universal Robots launched in Singapore fairly recently, so this level of activity is probably a good sign that the local market is receptive to the technology.

Singapore is probably better known as a financial hub, but it does have a significant number of engineering and technology companies which together make up a sizeable manufacturing sector.

Moreover, in the past month, Singapore’s government says the tiny city-state’s manufacturing output has increased by almost 15 per cent, as can be seen from the infographic below.

singapore manufacturing infographic

Singapore’s per capita GDP is one of the highest in the world, but its population is only 5 million. The total GDP is more than more than $500 billion, which works out at more $90,000 per capita.

Manufacturing is estimated to account for approximately 20 per cent of total GDP, and the sectors which have been growing particularly fast in recent times are:

  • electronics;
  • biomedicals;
  • chemicals;
  • precision engineering;
  • transport engineering; and
  • general manufacturing, such as printing, food and so on.
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