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omron condition-monitoring devices

Omron to launch new condition-monitoring devices

Omron says it plans to launch a new range of condition-monitoring devices which will enable users to “visualize facility conditions not seen before”.

Omron says the four series of condition-monitoring devices will allow workers to monitor operational status in manufacturing sites.

They are:

  • motor condition-monitoring devices that predict a failure of three-phase induction motors;
  • power supplies equipped with networking capability that can predict the service life and failures of a power supply installed in a control panel;
  • flow sensors and pressure sensors that monitor hydraulic oil and cooling water used for press machines and molding machines; and
  • a smart condition-monitoring amplifier that accelerates IoT of existing analog sensors installed in facilities or machines.

The release of condition-monitoring devices is part of Omron’s effort aiming at completing a lineup of 100,000 IoT components.

The monitoring devices visualize facility and equipment conditions constantly that could not be seen before, detect status errors of facilities in advance, and maintain production lines and productivity.


With i-Belt, an IoT service platform for manufacturing sites, the devices will store and analyze the collected data, reflect it on device control as a control algorithm and automate craftsmanship.

In recent years, the manufacturing industry has a serious shortage of skilled workers due to expansion of optimal production locations and aging society.

By contrast, maintenance operation is getting more and more complicated and difficult along with advanced high-speed facilities.

Under these circumstances, there is a growing need for visualizing production facility conditions and collecting data in operation using IoT and other technologies to enhance the operating ratio in work sites.

The lineup of devices to satisfy the need, however, has not been completed yet.

Visualization of data has no uniformity or synchronization since each manufacturer develops and releases different devices.

This is why production sites are still in the process of trial and error, claims Omron.

Omron has categorized facility configuration elements into the following three groups as a method of visualization to understand conditions of various positions in facilities and enhance the operating ratio.

  1. Power: power source of facilities such as motors or pumps
  2. Circulation: liquid to maintain facility performance such as cooling water or hydraulic oil
  3. Mechanism: components to process products such as cylinders or actuators

Omron says it is going to release optimum condition-monitoring devices that detect changes in each configuration element to predict the service life and solve issues that lead to failures.

The condition-monitoring devices monitor changes in power and circulation systems of production facilities in real time.

They inform replacement time of parts before failures through communications networks, and contribute to prevention of unexpected facility stoppages and quality abnormality of products.

Anyone can easily capture signs of abnormality of facilities and failures that have relied on experience and intuition of skilled workers, claims Omron.

This enables reduction in opportunity loss due to unexpected facility stoppages and enhance the accuracy of maintenance plans, says Omron.