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Comau partners with a number of robotics and automation integrators in South America

Industrial robotics and automation company Comau has signed up a range of new partners companies in South America. 

In Brazil, Comau has signed up system integrator Mabru Automation.

The Brazilian company was founded 10 years ago and is located in São Paulo. 

Mabru specialises in several areas – machining, mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, programming, and the maintenance of equipment.

As a result of the agreement, Mabru will now offer Comau’s portfolio of robots and automation products to their customers.


Staying in Brazil, Comau has signed another partnership with a company called ServNews, a company focused in automation and robotics integration, which has been providing industrial products and services since 1999.

ServNews operates two offices in the cities of São José dos Campos and São Paulo.

The company supplies their customers with small-medium robot cells, automation projects, programming, and specialized services in robotics for both mechanical and electrical maintenance.

ServNews specializes in robot cell integration and robotic handling solutions.

This new partnership with ServNews helps Comau to be closer to one of the main industrialized areas in Brazil.

And the third company in Brazil that Comau has reached an agreement with is MMCK Service, an industrial equipment distributor that offers services for specific applications, such as painting solutions.

MMCK will now offer Comau’s portfolio of robots and automated products to this market.

With this new partnership, Comau says it will help MMCK with process automation opportunities, offering “automated cells to their customers and improving turnkey projects to make robotics applications more precise while optimizing costs”.

Comau has also signed up a couple of new partners in Argentina.

One of them is Ammaturo, an integrator which was founded 70 years ago and currently has 80 employees working in manufacturing, automation, and robotics.

With an “engineering + industry + services” approach, Ammaturo develops automation solutions for a wide range of industries in Argentina.

The company is located in Buenos Aires and specializes in machine-tool equipment and conveyors.

Ammaturo will offer Comau’s full portfolio of robots and products to their customer base as per the agreement.

Also in Argentina, Comau has appointed Bianchi-Mebisa as a robotics integrator in the country.

Located in Cordoba, Mebisa started their business in 1973, producing special machines for the industry.

They have been developing solutions for process automation and robotics ever since.

“Mebisa will help us by bringing Comau’s innovative robotics and automation products portfolio to the Argentinian market,” says Comau in a statement.

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