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Habey launches alternative to Raspberry Pi board for development of industrial robots

Habey, a developer of single board computers of a variety of types and form factors, has launched what it says is an alternative to the Raspberry Pi board for developing industrial robotic arms

Habey says its “extremely small” Pico-ITX EMB-2230 offers all of the features of its previous product, the EMB-3200, but with greater adaptability for I/O options, power input, and touchscreen display output, through an integrated 40-pin expansion header.

Habey says the new board is “developed for enthusiasts and startup applications that are looking for alternatives to the popular Raspberry Pi board”. 

The Habey expansion header is of a slightly different configuration, to support a wide variety of applications.

The company says the EMB-2230 is “perfect for custom applications”, and offers 7″ and 10.1″ panel PC development kits.

habey EMB-2230 Panel PC Kit

Habey has also released another board aimed at a variety of applications.

The company says its new EMB-2200 pico-ITX board (pictured below) will suit machine builders’ requirements whether they are developing devices ranging from an IoT gateway to a full human-machine interface or digital signage interface.

habey EMB-2200

The board offers support for power over ethernet and a very wide temperature range to ensure “easy integration anywhere”, claims Habey.

An onboard RGB display connector or available 5″ touchscreen LCD kit complete the package for any operation.