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robotiq force torque sensor

Robotiq launches ‘10 times more sensitive’ force torque sensor

Robotiq has launched what it says is “10 times more sensitive” version of its FT 300 Force Torque Sensor.

The component comes with Plug + Play integration on all Universal Robots.

Robotiq says the FT 300 performs highly repeatable precision force control tasks such as finishing, product testing, assembly and precise part insertion. 

This force torque sensor comes with an updated free URCap software able to feed data to the Universal Robots Force Mode.

Robotiq CTO Jean-Philippe Jobin, says: “This new feature allows the user to perform precise force insertion assembly and many finishing applications where force control with high sensitivity is required.”


The URCap also includes a new calibration routine.

Jobin says: “We’ve integrated a step-by-step procedure that guides the user through the process, which takes less than 2 minutes.

“A new dashboard also provides real-time force and moment readings on all six axes.

“Moreover, pre-built programming functions are now embedded in the URCap for intuitive programming.”