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FANUC R-1000iA 120F-7B

Fanuc launches new seven-axis robot for automotive spot welding

Fanuc America has demonstrated a new automotive spot welding robot at the recent Fabtech event.

The new seven-axis R-1000iA/120F-7B’s design is based on the R-1000iA robot series. (See pictures and video below.)

It has a payload of 120 kg and a maximum reach of 2,230 mm. 

The additional axis allows the robot’s J2 arm to fold into itself, making it shorter and able to operate in very tight workspaces, says Fanuc.

At the FabTech event, the R-1000iA/120F-7B was equipped with integrated Fanuc Servo Gun Control, the Fanuc primary wrist and Solution Arm for spot welding dress out, and a servo weld gun, which performs a spot welding operation on an automotive body side.


FANUC R-1000iA 120F-7B and car

The robot highlights Fanuc’s 4D graphics, and uses Dual Check Safety Speed and Position Check software to limit the robot’s envelope within the compact workspace.

Also featured were Fanuc’s latest R-30iB Plus controller with an intuitive iPendant for easy setup and operation.

Tim Holcomb, product manager, Fanuc America, says: “The articulation in the J2 arm now enables the robot to be placed closer to the operating point in a welding application without losing any reach.

“Since the robot can also work overhead and from behind its back, it has an amazingly large work area despite its compact design.”

In addition to spot welding, R-1000iA/120F-7B is designed for other applications including compact palletizing, machine load/unload and other operations with space constraints.

Some of the features of R-1000iA/120F-7B include:

  • Seven-axis articulation for maximum flexibility to reach multiple areas within a work cell, even very tight spaces.
  • Best-in-class motion performance provides maximum productivity.
  • High-speed operation minimizes robot cycle times.
  • Simple serial-link configuration with large operating envelope (including rear and downward side).
  • Upright or invert mounting accommodates a wide range of work areas.
  • Substantial wrist load ratings support the latest compact servo weld guns.
  • IP67 rated wrist allows operation in wet conditions.
  • Handles 120kg applications.
  • Optional Solution Arm dressout package with internal cable routing for spot welding processes.

The latest R-30iB Plus controller features an intuitive iPendant with enhanced screen resolution and more processing capability compared to previous versions.

Fanuc says this offers a variety of intelligent functions including iRVision, Force Sensing, RoboGuide, ZDT and DCS.