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Chinese collaborative robot maker Aubo Robotics raises $9 million in funding

A Chinese collaborative robot manufacturing startup company called Aubo has raised $9 million in funding from Fosun

Fosun is a conglomerate based in China with a widely diversified investment portfolio.

Fosun has previously invested in Aubo and believes the cobot maker has the potential to become a “unicorn”, a startup with a valuation of $1 billion or above. 

As quoted in China Daily, Tang Bin, senior vice-president of Fosun Group, says: “Fosun hopes to assist Aubo become a unicorn.

“The investment in outstanding innovative enterprises will bring Fosun high returns.”


Wei Hongxing, chairman of Aubo Robotics, says: “The era of cobots being unable to deliver the accuracy and efficiency of industrial robots is going to end.”

Aubo currently makes a range of robots including collaborative robotic arms, logistics robots and robot accessories.

It was founded in 2014 as Smokie Robotics, but has since changed its named to Aubo Robotics.

The company was the idea of three boffins from the US and China.

Today, the company claims its international operations cover 50 countries and several subsidiaries.

The main company directly employs 100 people.

One of the company’s distributors – ESPE, which is an exclusive Aubo distributor in the Netherlands, Europe – has opened what it calls a “Robots Experience Centre”, featuring Aubo’s machine.

Founder and director Edwin Jongedijk says the centre does include a variety of robots and is meant to help people learn more about “Industry 4.0 and want to get acquainted with the possibilities of this high-tech industry”.