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OR Laser launches new hybrid metal additive and subtractive manufacturing platform

OR Laser has launched its new hybrid metal additive and subtractive manufacturing platform, the ORLas Creator Hybrid, and unveiled its new cloud manufacturing services at this year’s FormNext event.

FormNext, is into its final day in Frankfurt, and it’s where the great and the good of the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry congregate.

Traditionally the latest additive manufacturing developments are unveiled at FormNext, and this year has been bigger and better than years gone by, according to some visitors. 

Last year, OR Laser introduced its ORLas Creator, an accessible direct metal additive manufacturing system, and through 2017 has started shipping the first platforms.

At this year’s FormNext, OR Laser has taken things to the next level, by unveiling its latest metal additive manufacturing development to the world for the first time – the ORLas Creator hybrid 3D printing and milling machine.

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The ORLas Creator hybrid brings together the benefits of both additive manufacturing and subtractive manufacturing within a single platform to offer a “comprehensive manufacturing solution”, says the company.

The advantages of 3D printing complex metal components using the direct additive manufacturing powder melting process in combination with the OR Laser’s advanced milling capabilities for precision finishing ensure that the ORLas Creator hybrid is a “compelling manufacturing solution at an accessible price point for small and medium enterprises”, says OR Laser.

Moreover, the ORLas Creator hybrid goes beyond the capabilities of classical milling/machining, whereby structures and surfaces that are not normally reachable – such as inside contours, undercuts or hidden cooling channels – can be milled effectively.

The ORLas Creator Hybrid offers all of the outstanding 3D printing features of the classic Creator, including:

  • the full laser power of 250 W at a spot of 40μm;
  • laser processing speeds of 3500 mm/s; and
  • a build platform 110 mm (diameter) with a maximum Z axis of 100 mm.

The other big news from OR Laser at this year’s formnext comes with the announcement and launch of the company’s new cloud manufacturing services.

orlas cube small

This intelligent and progressive service will add value for any ORLas Creator user and their industrial operations.

As Industry 4.0 gathers momentum and digital data becomes increasingly fundamental, additive manufacturing users need to be able to seamlessly join this revolution, says the company.

This is precisely the impetus behind the development of OR Laser’s cloud manufacturing capabilities, which offers users a continuous, connected interface with the machines and their data.

With multiple functions, this cloud manufacturing service can monitor machines in real time as well as provide preventative maintenance reports that avoid downtime; provide monitoring and analysis of multiple systems from one location; and provide analytical insight for industrial applications based on the machines parameters and the materials being used.

OR Laser is also using formnext as the platform to launch another new hardware system – the ORLas Cube – which is a timely addition to the OR laser product portfolio offering an optimal solution for demanding laser material processing tasks.

The ORLas Cube is a flexible and fully enclosed system that can fulfil the most challenging industrial tasks courtesy of its high-quality and extremely precise axis system combined with a stable and extremely durable granite processing table.

The Cube system’s flexibility stems from the fact that it can be utilized with all laser sources and processing heads from OR Laser, which means that it can be deployed as a welding system or as a compact cutting system for a multitude of possible applications, including powder cladding applications.

The system is controlled by a modern 10.2 inch touch display, while machining strategies can be generated directly with the system using the built-in ORLas Suite CAM software.

The closed machining case means the system fulfills all requirements for laser safety and can, therefore, be used in a wide range of environmental conditions.

The processing case is removable or can be moved to the back of the system for crane loading, which can accommodate the processing of large or palletized workpieces.

The ORLas Cube is the new “all-rounder”, says OR Laser. High precision, safety and flexibility are its key strengths and these have been on show for the first time this week at FormNext.