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Fujitsu launches ‘IntelliEdge’ platform for Industry 4.0

Fujitsu says it has expanded its Industrial Internet of Things capabilities with its new “IntelliEdge” ecosystem, which includes network edge processing capabilities.

Fujitsu says the IntelliEdge edge computing appliance enables the optimisation of industrial processes for Industry 4.0, securely connecting data and resources to people and devices and bridging the gap between operational technology in the field, and on-premises and cloud-based information technology.

Fujitsu is introducing the IntelliEdge appliance to manage OT devices, giving enterprises an unprecedented end-to-end view of the entire production processes to achieve a breakthrough in monitoring and managing optimised individual production lines at approximately the same cost as mass production. 

Controlled via a console that runs on-premises or in the cloud, the IntelliEdge edge computing appliance manages the collection, control and actuation of vast amounts of data generated by sensors in OT environments such as manufacturing, power generation and the oil and gas industry.

IntelliEdge manages data flow between the network edge and the cloud, often via low-bandwidth connections, to deliver an overview and allow management of entire industrial processes, from supply chain inventory, to order systems and production sequences.


Fujitsu INTELLIEDGE Overview

This allows for fully digitalised production lines, with automated supply chain optimisation, and the operation of “digital twins” – an overview of all processes, represented digitally, in real-time.

Designed and manufactured by Fujitsu in Germany, Fujitsu says the IntelliEdge Edge Computing Appliance is integrated with “robust, fully configurable hardware designed for reliable, maintenance-free operation in remote locations and industrial environments”.

IntelliEdge ships with open source Linux CentOS and can run on other operating systems.

With support for OPC-UA, IntelliEdge can rapidly organise network edge devices, says Fujitsu.

The Fujitsu edge solution also helps to secure essential enterprise data, by addressing potential vulnerabilities and protecting against cyberattacks.

Its certificate-based authentication and encryption ensure secure communications, providing a secure bridge all the way between network edge sensors and IT systems running either on-premises or in the cloud.

Andreas Rohnfelder, head of the Fujitsu Industry 4.0 competence center, says: “The new frontier in the world of IoT is the ability to capture, analyse and act on data to optimise network edge systems in real time.

“The IntelliEdge ‘intelligent edge’ solution bridges the gap between operational technology on the shop floor and IT in the cloud or on-premises, providing visibility and easy management of entire, digitalised production chains.

“IntelliEdge enhances the Fujitsu portfolio of enabling technologies to provide real value to our manufacturing and industrial customers, and fits seamlessly with cloud platforms.

“IntelliEdge is also a core component used by Fujitsu’s professional services capabilities when designing and implementing Industry 4.0 solutions.”