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Hanwha to build logistics automation facility for Nexen Tire’s Czech factory

Hanwha has closed a deal on a $79.26 million project to build a logistics automation system and facility for Nexen Tire in the Czech Republic.

A major Nexen Tire Czech plant is being built in Zatec, 70 km northwest of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

The plant will serve as Nexen’s tire production base in Europe as the location lends itself to easy access to key markets in Europe including the UK, France, and Germany.  

Hanwha will provide an end-to-end engineering service for the plant that will deliver an automated logistics system for the entire manufacturing process including detailed design, process flow, and construction of the facilities.

The facilities to be built will include an automated warehouse system, unmanned autonomous transport vehicles, ceiling conveyors, robot automation equipment, and roller conveyors.

In terms of robots, it’s possible that Hanwha’s new collaborative robots will feature in the solution it provides.

By automating the entire logistics process of the Nexen tire plant, the productivity and efficiency are expected to “dramatically increase”, says Hanwha.

In 2011, Hanwha forged its first business relationship with Nexen Tire after completing a similar logistics automation system for all manufacturing processes at Nexen Tire’s Changnyeong factory.

Back then, Hanwha Corporation has been able to leverage its technology and expertise in logistics automation to provide comprehensive facilities construction services that included not only design and construction but also post-construction management.

Hanwha and Nexen say they are looking to repeat their success.

Yeon-chul Kim, CEO of Hanwha Corporation, says: “We will build our most efficient logistics system with the highest efficiency by modeling it after the successful logistics automation project at Nexen Tire’s Changnyeong plant.

“We’ll also apply our deep and diverse experiences in both local and international constructions.

“Our top priority is to build a smart factory that can maximize productivity through the application of advanced equipment manufacturing capabilities and automated unmanned facilities technology.”