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Prime Healthcare expands partnership with Omnicell to serve ‘majority of facilities within health system’

Prime Healthcare has expanded its existing partnership with Omnicell to serve what the companies claims is “a majority of facilities within the health system” in the US.

Prime Healthcare, a 45-hospital network serving 14 states, is implementing Omnicell’s new XT Series automated medication dispensing systems in seven hospitals, expanding Omnicell’s presence to over half of the facilities within its health system.

Prime Healthcare is also adding anesthesia and supply offerings to the suite of Omnicell solutions used in select sites. 

Implementing these state-of-the-art solutions can enable Prime Healthcare to increase medication and supply storage capacity and improve provider workflows.

In today’s evolving healthcare industry, health systems are realizing the benefits of applying the latest technology to streamline inventory management and optimize providers’ ability to deliver excellent care.


Within Prime Healthcare’s network, adding the Omnicell XT Series Automated Dispensing Cabinets and Anesthesia Workstation will help promote safe, secure, and efficient processes and allow the facilities to manage more medications on the patient floors through increased capacity in the same physical footprint, claim the companies.

Ravi Reddy Alla, vice president of professional services, Prime Healthcare, says: “As our health system continues to grow and evolve to meet new challenges, we rely on technologically advanced solutions to help us optimize our existing resources and operations, so we can spend more time focusing on our patients.

“We were impressed by the design and increased capacity of Omnicell’s new XT series, and look forward to furthering our relationship with their organization.”

Select hospitals in the health system are introducing the XT Anesthesia Workstation to help improve medication security and safety in anesthesia procedure areas.

This automated system gives anesthesia providers instant access to medications while keeping controlled substances secure and tracking inventory used.

Additionally, following the recent launch of the XT Automated Supply Dispensing Cabinets, several facilities within the health system will implement this flexible supply chain solution.

The new supply cabinets create greater efficiency for nursing staff through more responsive touchscreens, new storage components for organizing medical supplies and increased capacity, which helps prevent stockouts.

J. Christopher Drew, president of North American automation and analytics, Omnicell, says: “Over the past five years of working across Prime Healthcare’s network, we’ve continued to be impressed by their dedication to delivering excellent care to their communities.

“Through our XT Series, we look forward to helping both existing and new partners within the health system to optimize medication and supply chain distribution processes to streamline workflows for caregivers and their patients.”